It’s June 2023 in Zante, all the bars and clubs on the Laganas Strip are open and the resort is fresh and VERY happy to see you!

Scores of flights are arriving daily and it’s that wonderful time of year when the Zante opening party’s start kicking off! There is literally no better place to be, read on to find out why!

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zante events june
Zante is FRESH

Is Zante nightlife good in June?

Yes! We think it’s the best time to visit! We absolutely love Zante in June. The weather is perfect – not the blistering heat of peak season. The resort feels fresh, new and vibrant and the Bar Tender’s, PR’s and Waitresses will be keen as mustard and eager to please.

It’s the time of year when groups of students celebrating the end of their exams will visit Zante to let off some steam and also lot’s of Scandinavian holiday makers who really know how to party and enjoy themselves.

Get in quick for VIP packages June 2023 is our top tip as they are going very quick.

zante events june

There’s only one problem. In June up to a hundred new ticket sellers, (recruited by new event promotors in Zante that pop up every year ) will be roaming the streets bothering everybody. Most of them only last a day or two and by August there will be no more than 10, however, it can be annoying to be stopped all the way down the Laganas main road when you’re trying to get to McDonalds. There is a great way to avoid being stopped, which we explain below.

The big events have their opening party’s over the first weekend in June so the first Saturday night in June will be the maiden voyage of the VVIP Sunset Yacht Party. Voted the ‘Best Boat Party in Europe‘ this is a really hot ticket – the VVIP opening party was fully sold out by April last year.

zante event tickets june
VVIP Sunset Yacht Party

The focus for this boat party hosted on a stunning 3-tier yacht, is on quality alcohol and music and a great crowd so don’t expect any sex games.

VVIP is like a floating nightclub with artists and DJ’s including Not3s, Ramz, Nathan Dawe, Danny T, Jamie Duggan, DJ Target and Bru-C all performing onboard VVIP over the years. Plus a few special guests like Big Tobz, Jordan Wright and Mr Ashley Cain hopped onboard to help get the party started along with performance artist’s and musicians.

VVIP is THE boat party you want to be on in Zante, make no mistake about it, and you will need to book.

There will be at least 30 ticket sellers on the streets in June punting tickets out for the locally run, daytime booze cruises. A great way to end the conversation is to smile politely, show your A-List wristband and say ‘no thank you, we have a boat party organised‘. The experienced sellers will usually spot the wristband and not even bother stopping you which is always nice.

You can check out event details for the VVIP Sunset Yacht Party here.

Zante Foam Party

Then of course we have the Zante Foam Party, which is every Friday night in June. Not much to say about this except it’s completely mental and as you can imagine, very, very messy! Don’t wear your best clothes or take anything valuable as this party gets wild.

Expect a bit of nudity as sometimes bikini tops get lost and you will also get lost as it’s hard to find your mates when everyones covered in soapy bubbles. Getting messy is not for everyone we do appreciate, so if you don’t fancy this then let us know and we can knock it off your party package or swap it for another club event.

the white party zante 2023
The White Party

Hosted at the stunning and brand new Karma Day Club, The White Party is the biggest party in Zante and has been running for over 16 years. Over 2,500 people all dressed in white attended the opening party in 2022 and with MK on the decks you can imagine the scenes!

The atmosphere at this very popular party is enhanced by a huge production set including fire cannons, performance artists and dancers from all over Europe and the evening is hosted by an absolute legend with a trumpet who whips up the crowd into a hedonistic frenzy. 

Nothing comes close to this event in Zante it is simply unmissable and 99% of people in the resort will be there. Book as part of our A-List Full House or Essentials package to guarantee the best price. June 2023 is going to be HEAVING so if you and your friends would like a cabana or bed or access to the VIP balcony then you will need to get in quick!

zante events june
Zante's Biggest Event

Every Sunday a few people don’t get the memo that this event is taking place and you will often see them looking a bit lost and bewildered sitting in an empty bar wondering why everywhere is so quiet!

White Party tickets will cost you 40 euro a pop on the streets in Laganas so if you decide you want to go, then it’s a shrewd move to book before you leave as it will save you money. A-List Zante are very happy to be able to include The White Party in our Zante 2023 events package at the lowest price you can find so organise your squad and get your party package reserved. A-List Zante Tickets 2023

zante boat party vvip
Don't MIss the Yacht

Although we have the VVIP Sunset Yacht Party in our package, they can’t accommodate everyone who visits Zante, and we also know that this IS Zante, so there is a market for sex games etc. If this type of party known as a ‘booze cruise‘ takes your fancy then you can pick these up in resort on the main Laganas Strip. There will always be a few guys on mopeds prowling around with leaflets looking to get people onboard their boat.

A word of warning. The local Greeks may take offence to any lewd behaviour and it has also been known for videos to surface (no surprise in this era of technology) which could result in you being fined or deported or even worse.

There was a shocking incident in Magaluf in 2015 which saw a drunken, young Irish girl give fellatio to 30 + men during a drunken game, so please don’t lose your inhibitions too much and get filmed or photographed doing something that you may well regret. She can’t even get work doing a paper round now she is so notorious.

So, we hope that got your taste buds going, June really is the best time to visit Zante so you should be very excited. To reserve the A-List Zante Party Package 2023 please visit Zante Events 2023

If you just wish to book the VVIP Yacht Party then go here – Zante boat party tickets 

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