So just how much money do you need for a week in Laganas, Zante?


The nightlife in Laganas can chew you up and spit you out if you’re not careful! Just scroll down for evidence (picture NSFW)! Here’s a guide to spending your hard earned money carefully.Ā 

With thousands of people going absolutely barmy on the Laganas Strip, it’s very easy to get swept up in the hedonistic holiday atmosphere. The dreadful feeling of waking up in the morning with no passport, wallet, bank cards, iPhone, shoes, pants and not to mention dignity is a VERY common occurrence. Don’t let it happen to you.

So here’s A-List Zante’s top tips.

  1. Don’t book an ‘event’ for every night of your holiday. Book 2 or 3 night time events and 1 or 2 daytime. Our package features the best events in Zante as rated by the public so make sure you consider it!
  2. Only bring out how much you can afford for the night. If you can afford 20 euros, bring that. If you can afford 100 euro – bring that.
  3. Stuff an emergency 2 euro into your sock or bra so you can scoff a Gyros on your way home. Greek kebab. Some sort of satisfaction if you don’t pull! šŸ˜‰
  4. Budget 20 – 30 euro a day for food. Eat out once for lunch or dinner, grab snacks or eat in your room the rest of the time. Paul’s Cafe on the main strip offers the best breakfast in town for 3 euros (about Ā£2.00). Get involvedĀ and see you there!
  5. Budget 40 + euro for your average night out. 50 euro will get you very pissed in Laganas. If you’re on a budget make some friends at your hotel and have a pre-party in your room beforehand, so you are well on your way before you hit the clubs.
  6. Lay out 150 – 200 euro on events and excursions. You’re on holiday; it will probably be your only visit to Zante so make sure you enjoy it!
  7. Don’t end up like this guy. Sunburnt. Filthy. Naked and abandoned.

Image is provided courtesy of www.nakedzante.comĀ