If your aged between 18-30 and your heading to the gorgeous island of Zakynthos aka Zante, then you are probably going to be interested in the infamous nightlife of the Laganas Strip so here is a guide to what you can expect.

Between May and September the long road leading down to the beach is absolutely heaving with international party people looking to let loose and enjoy themselves. During the peak season in July and August it can be pretty chaotic if truth be told. Hordes of people, most of them intoxicated, swarm in and out of the scores of bars and clubs and throng the streets. Half naked groups of girls covered head to toe in paint or foam will be staggering around clutching their high heels and a pizza slice, having the usual drama’s.

Huge groups of lads dressed as Spartans or Smurfs or something equally ridiculous will be getting up to what lads do best – drinking too much, singing football songs, puking and generally being a nuisance. Add to the mix loads of cars, quad bikes and mopeds whizzing around plus blinding amounts of neon and lasers – it is basically absolute madness. Thoroughly enjoyable madness though is the good news. If your not a complete twat then Laganas is a very safe resort to party in. Providing you don’t drink too much and end up unconscious, or think its a good idea to get lippy to a bouncer, or forget your Green cross code and get yourself run over, your basically going to have a bloody good time!

Now, it doesn’t really matter where we tell you to go in Zante, because the best laid plans of mice and men definitely go out of the window when you are mob handed walking down the Laganas Strip. Depending upon the location of your hotel, you will usually end up, at some point, in the first bar you walk past on the way to main Strip. Zante PR’s are usually pretty good and will make you an irresistible offer like a 2 hour free bar for 10 euros.

Over the course of your holiday you may fall in love with a barman/girl and end up in the same place every night, or you may end up visiting every club on the strip every night, it can be done if your disciplined and start early. The good news is that you will rarely pay an entrance fee at the big clubs like Zero’s or Rescue. The most you will ever pay in Zante is 5 euro’s and that is usually only peak season.

So, personally, we love a drink at the very friendly ‘Cheeky Tiki’s which is run by a couple of young lads from the UK. Great drinks and atmosphere and always a pleasure to pop into. Then there is the salubrios ‘G-Spot’ which is one of the resorts more ‘contemporary’ drinking establishments, a great place to people watch and they serve amazing cocktails.

Then BOOM your on the Strip proper and your probably going to end up in Plus Club which is the first big venue on the Strip. Always busy, this is a great venue to soak up the Zante atmosphere. By now, if you have timed it right it should be about 1am so time to meander down the Strip. Linekers is a great shout, with a very well laid out club at the back and excellent DJ’s. Cocktails and Dreams is just a complete madhouse don’t say we didn’t warn you. The epicentre of Laganas includes the two biggest clubs, Rescue and Zero’s. Both of these have great atmospheres at the front bar’s with flair bartenders and fire breathers, and have massive night clubs out the back, which are free to enter.

And then, it is Zante tradition to end up at one of the two big clubs at the end of the road – Waikiki or Cherry Bay. Completely different types of Club, but we will let you find out why, we love them both. When these empty at 7am on a weekend, it’s either go skinny dipping or grab a Gyros or pizza slice….and that is your standard Zante night out.

We absolutely love these top tips for how to avoid injury in Zante courtesy of Naked Zante so make sure you check them out here www.nakedzante.com