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The best things to do in Zante

The Best things to do in Zante Time for the voice of experience from A-List Zante. Where to start about Zante!? Firstly, you're going to have a wonderful time, Zante is truly the ‘Pearl of the Ionian’. A gorgeous, fertile island with amazing beaches and is (something which has always been important to me) a very safe sea to swim in. The Bay of Laganas is as calm as a lake, you can walk out for ages without being out of your depth and from June to September it is lovely and warm. Mid Summer it’s like a bath! I’ve been all over and there is simply nowhere that compares when it comes to beaches. There are no sharks or jelly fish or anything nasty, no seaweed, no stones; it’s crystal … Continued

Zante Nightlife Guide

If your aged between 18-30 and your heading to the gorgeous island of Zakynthos aka Zante, then you are probably going to be interested in the infamous nightlife of the Laganas Strip so here is a guide to what you can expect. Between May and September the long road leading down to the beach is absolutely heaving with international party people looking to let loose and enjoy themselves. During the peak season in July and August it can be pretty chaotic if truth be told. Hordes of people, most of them intoxicated, swarm in and out of the scores of bars and clubs and throng the streets. Half naked groups of girls covered head to toe in paint or foam will be staggering around clutching their high heels and a … Continued