Ooooh sh** you’re in Zante in July! Hold on tight because this is the middle of the storm and Zante is absolutely BONKERS. It’s red hot, the resort is packed to the rafters with 18-30 year old’s on a mission to let loose and party and you can fully expect to get swept up in the wild atmosphere of unbridled summer hedonism.

zante events in july
Zante in Full Swing

The Zante event and party scene is now in full swing and all of the popular party’s will be packed out. The VVIP Sunset Yacht Party sailed 5 times a week in July 2019 and still had to turn away hundreds of people so you will definitely need to reserve your places if you fancy this event. In July in Zante you can always expect top drawer DJ’s and music artists to visit as the event promoters can afford to lay out the big bucks knowing they will pack out their venues. If you play your cards right you can enjoy artists like Stormzy, MK, Giggs, Not3s, Nathan Dawe, Example, Chase and Status and Craig David to name but a few who have performed in Zante in recent years. The big DJ’s in Zante sell out so you will need to make a move if there is someone you really want to see. The Nathan Dawe Tour was fully sold out for all 5 dates at Plus Club last July and the demand for Not3s who performed onboard the VVIP Yacht party was ridiculous, tickets were changing hands for over 150 euros

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VVIP Yacht Party

The hottest event ticket in Zante is the VVIP Yacht Party which sets sail 5 times a week to cope with demand. With guest appearances by Nathan Dawe, Ramz, Jayake, Radio 1 DJ Target, Not3s, Danny T, Jamie Duggan and major TV networks like MTV and the BBC filming onboard the event, this epic boat party is the islands No 1 event by popular demand.

Everyone who visits Zante wants to experience a boat party and everyone with half a brain figures out that VVIP is the one they want to be on due to their venue the ‘Ikaros Palace’. With 3 decks, 2 dance floors, a massive sound system and a focus on quality music and alcohol this is one boat you really can’t miss. Unlike the daytime ‘booze cruises’ VVIP set sail at 5pm which means you are in for some awesome scenery as the sun sets over the beautiful Zante coastline.

vvip yacht party zante
Miss this - Miss Out

Expect quality alcohol with champagne and vodka flying out, a great crowd all partying in their swimwear and live MC’s and entertainment – you will swiftly realise why this event was voted the Best Boat Party in Europe by Party Hard Travel members. Miss this in Zante and you have f**** it.

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Naked Zante who conduct surveys about hotels, bars, clubs and events in Zante have rated VVIP Yacht Party as the best party on the island for 5 years.

Zante Event and Party Reviews

nathan dawe zante events
Nathan Dawe Tour

Every time this man releases a mix it immediately starts trending at Number 1 WORLDWIDE.  One of the hottest DJ’s in the UK, tickets for these events in Zante 2019 sold like Turkeys at Christmas. Nathan Dawe drops banger after banger in his own inimitable style, the man is gifted. With the atmosphere enhanced by giant robots, fire breathers, a saxophonist and MOBO award winner MC ‘Missin Lync‘ these events have an electric atmosphere, check the video page for a taster. If you have enjoyed Nathan Dawe mixes in your car or at the gym and you want to experience seeing him live in Zante then you will need to book as there are only 200 VIP and 600 Standard tickets available and there will be over 10,000 people in the resort. Make your move.

Nathan Dawe Tickets Zante 2020

Foam or Paint?

Pick your potion! Foam or Paint – the choice is yours or you could of course try them both out! You’re in Zante so you basically have to experience the pure messiness of a foam or paint party and they’re always good when there is a big excited crowd. Zante Paint Party tickets are included in the A-List Zante 2020 Party and event package along with The White Party, Nathan Dawe and the VVIP Yacht Party. You need to understand that getting all of these events at £99 is a massive bargain. A ‘block’ of events at your hotel sold by the big tour operators cost 280 euro last Summer, that’s £260. On the street from shops and touts these events will cost you 190 euro which is £165 so pre booking them saves you a fortune. If you use the discount package A-List provide wisely, you can save at least another £40 – £50 so basically you get all the top events and party’s in Zante for £50 if you play your cards right. In July last year you would have enjoyed Nathan Dawe, Ramz, Gorgon City and Danny T over 4 mad days in Zante = absolutely amazing. Get to this page and reserve at the early booking price while you still can  A-List Event Packages

the white party
The White Party

The White Party, now in it’s 14th year is simply unmissable in July. Expect over 2,500 people all dressed in white having it large to top DJ’s like Hannah Wants and Camelphat whilst fire breathers, contortionists and a really cool guy with a trumpet and a drum kit whips the crowd into a frenzy of summer partying madness. Hosted at the resort’s most exclusive venue – Republic Beach Club this is a hot ticket. Available exclusively via A-List Zante if you book VVIP Saturday and the White Party on Sunday night then your Zante weekend is absolutely boxed off.

Reservations, tickets and event packages are here.

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