One of the hottest DJ’s in the UK, with his single ‘Flowers’ storming the charts and headline events selling out within days, DJ Nathan Dawe is back in Zante 2020 for his Summer Tour and you just know bangers are getting dropped.

nathan dawe zante tickets

Nathan Dawe and MOBO award winning MC Missin Lync have a reputation for shutting down huge festivals and events all across Europe.

This is your chance for an up close and personal experience as there’s only 800 tickets available per event. You will literally be locked into the sounds of Nathan Dawe. This is hands down the best clubbing experience in Zante, and a great way to start your weekend.

nathan dawe zante events
Special Guests

Aitch, Headie 1, Bru-C & Window Kid, Jaykae, Swarmz, Young T and Bugsy all showed up to shut it down last Summer causing unbelievable scenes in Zante. Tickets for Aitch in July were changing hands for 80 euro on the streets. Lock your spaces in with an early bird reservation is our #1 bit of advice if you’re in Zante Summer 2020.

Friday Nights @ Plus Club. Doors open 11pm.

VIP Upgrades  – Gallery Pass | Private Bar | Queue Jump | Meet & Greet

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