Foam Party’s are great if you can’t dance as no-one can see the terrible shapes you’re cutting because you look like a giant snowman!

A Foam party is a Summer holiday essential and you can expect the event to get pretty wild as many people turn up in just their swimwear – what happens in the foam stays in the foam!

So, throw away your senses and inhibitions, guzzle loads of cocktails and lose yourself completely whilst getting covered in foam from all angles – the Zante Foam Party is good, clean holiday fun!

Bubble Trouble

At the Zante Foam Party you will experience a unique feeling of release as you abandon vanity for the evening, a bit like rolling around in the mud at a music festival. Topped off by the perfect venue, banging music and a live MC with a fire show, CO2 cannons and a crazy amount of lasers, prepare for a night you probably won’t remember much of.

Dress for a Mess

Dress Code –  not much. Nothing valuable.

Friday Nights – 11.30pm to 4am

Foam Party tickets from your hotel rep cost €40 in Zante!

You pay the equivalent of €10 by reserving via the A-List Event Package.

VIP Upgrades = Drinks included

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