Zante boat party 2019

Zante Boat Party 2019


If you’re visiting Zante in 2019 then you have to experience a boat party, it’s as simple as that. Partying out to sea on the ocean waves is a truly unique experience, the like of which you won’t have many opportunities to enjoy during your lifetime. So, what makes a boat party (or ‘booze cruise‘ as they are sometimes known) a Zante holiday essential?
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The main reason you need to do a boat party is to enjoy the stunning scenery around the Zante coastline, particularly as the sun sets. It’s truly an unforgettable experience and when enjoyed with friends will give you some great memories and some even better photo’s.

Also, boat party’s are EXCITING! Everyone’s been in a boring old night club, not everyone has enjoyed a floating nightclub like the ‘Ikaros Palace’. When the sun goes down and the lights of the boat come on, you’re in the middle of the sea, everybody’s drunk, the DJ’s dropping bangers…you get the picture, this is no ordinary night out!
zante boat party 2019
Expect a great atmosphere because boat party’s are intimate, not least because most people are just wearing swimwear, but also because once you set sail that’s it, you’re on a boat with 300 strangers and nobody can leave so it’s time to party and just go for it or….there is no other option, you’re not going anywhere for 4 hours so we think this is a big reason boat party’s are so much fun!
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Also, the waters around Zante are warm, crystal clear and perfect for swimming so it’s great to get out on a boat and enjoy hidden beaches and swim stops. We’ve obviously been onboard the VVIP Yacht Party a few times, and depending on the time of year, usually at least 50 – 60% of the people onboard choose to jump in. However, if it’s extremely hot in July then sometimes EVERYBODY goes in to splash about on the beach including the bar staff and security and it’s always great fun. Excuses not to go swimming range from ‘I can’t swim‘ and ‘I’m too drunk‘ which is probably a good thing, or ‘I don’t want to mess up my hair/make up’ which is the most common one.

Whether you choose to go swimming or not, a boat party should be top of your bucket list when it comes to making the most of your Zante holiday.

Why VVIP Yacht Party is No 1 in Zante

Ok, so now it’s clear why you need to do a boat party in Zante let’s look at why we have chosen to include the VVIP Yacht Party in our events and party package?
Well, it’s quite simple. The VVIP Sunset Yacht Party is not just the best boat party in Zante – it’s THE BEST EVENT on the island full stop. No question. No other party in Zante provides a UNIQUE experience like you get when you board the ‘Ikaros Palace’ with 300 other people and set sail. When the boat leaves the harbour, the music comes on LOUD and 10 times out of 10 people look around and realise WOW this is going to be fun! When you add the swim stop at a private beach, the quality DJ’s, the vodka cannons and a beautiful sunset it really is the complete adventure.
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All boat party’s and booze cruises are going to be fun, you can’t really go that wrong to be honest. However, you can go really, really right! VVIP have the best boat available in Zante to party on. Ikaros Palace has 3 large decks, 2 dance-floors, 2 bars, a VIP seating area and comfortably holds up to 300 people. VVIP Events Zante have 6 years of experience and their brand standards of quality alcohol and music all add up to this being the hottest ticket the island of Zante has ever seen.
It’s absolutely CRUCIAL you understand that VVIP are the only boat party operating in Zante who show you pictures and videos of their venue. THE ONLY ONE. Why is that? You will see promises of free bars, celebrity hosts, fireworks and stilt walkers, 50pence deposits, £1 deposits etc etc etc, but it’s all a smokescreen because they don’t show you the all important detail = THE BOAT. Any boat party is only as good as it’s venue and VVIP have the best one in Zante. That’s why it’s so busy, that’s why it is so enjoyable, that’s why it gets the best reviews and that’s why there is no question it’s the best boat party in Zante. 
Over the years VVIP have welcomed the BBC onboard filming Sun Sex and Suspicious Parents, the MTV crew filming Geordie Shore with Gary Beadle, Charlotte Crosby, Scotty T and co running riot. England First team player Kieran Trippier and several other Premier league stars have been spotted onboard and last Summer saw Not3s, Big Tobz, Ashley Cain, Danny T, Nathan Dawe, Jamie Duggan, Radio 1 Extra DJ Target, Jordan Wright and scores of other famous DJ’s, artists and TV stars show up to get the party started.

VVIP Yacht Party Reviews

Don’t take our word for it. The demand for the ticket is the clear indicator of how much fun this party is, which is why we love the fact VVIP is included in our party package with The White Party. Unlike any booze cruise or boat party anywhere in Europe, VVIP has fully sold out boats, months before the season even starts. Other promotors will say stuff like ‘LIMITED AVAILABILITY‘ GUARANTEED SELL OUT‘ and it’s all a load of tosh. With VVIP it’s actually true, we’ve been there at check-in and seen groups of people begging to get onboard ‘our mates are on there‘ etc.
Another big reason people so keen to get tickets for this boat party when they visit Zante are the real reviews and feedback that pop up on social media and Trip Advisor. You can’t hide the truth in this day and age, and the truth is – everyone has a great time on this boat party.

Ok, let's see what Not3s, DJ Nathan Dawe and DJ Target had to say

In the videos below DJ Target describes VVIP as ‘crazy, both decks just going off‘ and Not3s describes his day out onboard VVIP as ‘the best day of his life‘. Now, man had drunk a lot of brandy, but you get the picture this boat party is not average. Also, some great scenes from when DJ Nathan Dawe played onboard in August 2017 with Nathan explaining why VVIP is the best event in Zante.


Until someone pops up with a better boat in Zante then the VVIP Yacht Party will reign supreme. Over the last 3 Summers at least 6 new boat party’s have popped up in Zante promising huge celebrities and Carl Cox DJ’ing etc and have then sunk without trace after a couple of weeks. Our logic is that you have to do a boat party in Zante, and once you’ve realised that then the VVIP Yacht Party is the only smart choice.

What next?

Get to our reservations page and book your party package including VVIP Yacht Party and The White Party.

If you wish to book a Platinum table with your events package, select VIP Upgrades.

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If you are interested in a daytime booze cruise with games, you can find these on the internet or buy them in resort at your hotel or on the Strip, have fun.

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