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Where is the main nightlife area in Zante?

The resort of Laganas on the beautiful island of Zakynthos is where you need to be heading for your holidays during Summer 2019. The nightlife and events in Zante are now second to nowhere. Yes, Ibiza has the super clubs, however, do you really want to pay 15 euro for a bottle of water? Magaluf? What’s Mum going to say when she hears about that plan after the infamous ‘fellatio’ incident of 2015?

Zante has always been hot, beautiful, cheap and cheerful, however, in recent years the island has stepped it up to a new level. Enterprising promoters, entrepreneurs and local businessmen have invested shrewdly into world class venues like Republic Beach Club and into bringing international chart topping DJ’s and artists to the Island. Big names like Stormzy, Example, Pro Green, MK, Chase and Status and Hannah Wants have all graced Zante in recent years and the Zante 2019 DJ line up is expected to be pretty spectacular!

What's on in Zante 2019?

It’s nothing short of amazing to hit the Laganas Strip, rolling in and out of the bars and clubs getting more and more smashed as you make your way down the road along with thousands of other people. However, 7 nights on the bounce is a bit much and you might want a change of scenery. The good news is there are some top class events and party’s going on in Zante and they are great value for money as well so make sure you mix it up a bit and experience some of them!

At the forefront of turning Zante into the number 1 holiday destination for party people from all over Europe is The White Party which has been the jewel in the crown of Zante nightlife for 14 years. The White Party really is an unmissable evening featuring an amazing venue, chart topping international DJ’s like Sonny Fodera and Gorgon City, mind blowing fireworks, dancers, drummers, saxophonists – it’s all going on! There’s no better way to spend your Sunday evening in Zante that’s for sure. Check out the scenes on our video page, you get White Party tickets VERY cheap if you book the Full House Package so if you fancy it, get your group organised and your outfit sorted. Oh and don’t be the clever dick turning up all in black as they might not let you in!

Zante Boat Party 2019

Gone are the days when tacky booze cruises featuring cringey and frankly disgusting games ruled the waves around Zante. Setting the standard for boat party’s is the VVIP Sunset Yacht Party which has been the most requested and reserved event ticket on the island for several years adding a touch of class to thousands of people’s holidays. And it’s easy to see why when you see the videos and photo’s from their events (check out our gallery and video page). Hosted on a 3 tier Super Yacht kitted out with a huge sound system, no games are played on this party – it’s more like a floating night club as crucially the boat is large enough for people to move around and shake a leg. When quality alcohol, stunning scenery and a private beach party are added to the equation – you get the picture, this is an experience which many people describe as the best night of their Zante holiday.

If you visit Zante, a gorgeous Greek island, then you need to do a boat party. If you do a boat party, then the VVIP Sunset Yacht Party should be firmly at the top of your list!

Nathan Dawe Tour

If you like the idea of enjoying great music and an amazing atmosphere on your Friday night in Zante then the very popular Nathan Dawe Tour has to be a shout. With the legendary MC Missin Lync calling the shots it’s no exaggeration to say this is one of the best clubbing experiences that Zante has ever seen. If you’ve seen videos from Nathan Dawe shows in the UK then you know you can expect a big production set to enhance the atmosphere and simply put it’s banger after banger after banger. A complete sell out 4 years on the trot now with queues round the block on the night, boxing off your tickets early is a very shrewd move and you save a fortune by booking the Full House package. 

The Zante Paint Party

Everyone who visits Zante deserves one night of absolute carnage so look no further than the Paint Party which is every Monday night. This is a night to get absolutely mortal and forget about the world for a few hours as gallons of paint (water based) rains down upon you. Flame throwers add to the debauched atmosphere and CO2 cannons are going off so you can’t find your mates but who cares you can make some new ones (you wouldn’t recognise them anyway as they will be covered in paint)

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