With thousands of people going absolutely barmy on the Laganas Strip, it’s very easy to get swept up in the hedonistic holiday atmosphere and blow all your money in the first couple of days. Let your hair down too much you may find yourself waking up in the morning with no passport, wallet, bank cards, iPhone, shoes, pants or dignity. This is a VERY common occurrence in Zante so to avoid it happening to you then you need to listen carefully as we explain how it all goes wrong.


zante spending money guide
Watch out for silly deals

In the UK we have strict licensing laws, a single measure of alcohol in a bar or club is 25cl. In Zante things are VERY different. They don’t measure alcohol for a start, they just free pour it from the bottle, usually you get at least a triple. Also, some and that is SOME but not all venues will try to get people in with cheap deals and then use poor quality alcohol. This stuff will absolutely WRECK you so watch out for bars and events that offer silly deals. All you can drink alcohol for 4 hours or 12 hours or even 24 hours – only 5 euro! If you think you’re getting a good deal there, then you are WRONG. And to be honest we don’t have that much sympathy for you.

zante events
Book events online

Don’t book an event for every night of your holiday. Book 2 or 3 night time events and 1 or 2 daytime party’s or excursions. The A-List Full House package features the best events in Zante as rated by the public including the VVIP Yacht Party, The White Party, Nathan Dawe Tour and the Zante Paint Party – you will save well over 100 euro compared to the resort price if you reserve your package online as it saves the event promotors paying commission out.

Only take out how much you can afford for the night. If you can afford 20 euros, bring that. If you can afford 100 euro – bring that. Once you have spent it then that’s it – this is the simplest budget solution.

Stuff an emergency 5 euro into your sock or bra or phone case so you can scoff a Gyros (Greek Kebab) on your way home which will give you some sort of satisfaction if you don’t pull!

how much spending money for a week in zante
How much to Budget

Budget 20 – 30 euro a day for food. Or if you can’t afford that and would rather spend your money on booze and balloons then eat out once for lunch or dinner, then grab snacks like pizza slices or Gyros when you’re out and about which are very cheap. Chevy’s American Diner on the main strip offers the best breakfast in town for 5 euro (about £4.00).

Budget 40 -50  euro for your average night out. 50 euro will get you very pissed in Laganas. If you’re on a very tight budget make some have a pre-party in your room beforehand, so you are well on your way before you hit the clubs. Also, laughing gas has now been banned so if you were partial to one or two of them, then that will now save you some money!

zante boat party 16
Make the most of Zante!

Aim to lay out 100 – 150 euro on events and excursions. You’re on holiday; it will probably be your only visit to Zante so make sure you enjoy it! If you’re mad and don’t book with A-List then make sure you walk down the Laganas Strip and see the prices of the events rather than buy at your hotel, the hotel price in 2019 was 275 Euro (£260) which will be a massive chunk of your spending money and is frankly the definition of daylight robbery.

Put 30 euro in each to a kitty is also a good idea for the first part of the evening so you can buy rounds of drinks. Whatever you do, try to stick together, don’t overdo it on the shots, stay out of the midday sun and be nice and polite and you will have a cracking holiday!

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